Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine at Umeå University (WCMM)

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) has made a nationwide investment for Sweden to regain a world-leading position within medical research.

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 The Umeå University centre has an important link to university health care within our county council. The excellent conditions for world-leading molecular and translational research are established through integrated strong research environments. In addition to the strong support from KAW, the centre also has major support from Umeå university (UmU), the Medical Faculty at UmU and the County Council of Västerbotten. Notably, for the year 2016 the University Hospital of Umeå was ranked best among University Hospitals in Sweden, in Dagens Medicin. The Kempe Foundations and the Cancer Research Foundation in Nortehrn Sweden will also support the centre by providing opportunities for recruitments of postdoctoral researchers to the centre.

The Centre is looking for outstanding researchers, to be positioned within one or more of the following areas of molecular medicine: cancer, infection biology, metabolic disorders including diabetes or neuroscience.

During the forthcoming years, we aim to recruit up to 16 group leaders. The positions are provided with a generous support package including funding for Postdoctoral Associates and PhD Student recruitments. The successful candidates will be working in strong internationally recognized research environments and have access to excellent local and national research infrastructures including unique collections of longitudinal samples in existing biobanks.

University Hospital of Umeå
Image: Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation/Mediabruket