Employment Opportunities at Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine

The Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine (WCMM) at Umeå University aims to offer opportunities for world-leading molecular and translational research within Life Sciences.

The centre has the ambition to be an attractive place of work allowing for creativity and development to flourish.

Umeå University in northern Sweden has around 4,300 members of staff and about 30,000 students. The university offers attractive educations, world class research and excellent opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Umeå is the biggest city in the north of Sweden with an average age of 38 reflecting in the townscape with a diverse range of restaurants and a vast choice of cultural events and experiences. The 120,058 by tradition nature-loving inhabitants of Umeå are known to bid visitors and newcomers a warm welcome.

Want to take on an exciting challenge in an expanding city? Now we have open calls for Assistant Professor (Associate Senior Lecturer) positions in Cancer and Infection Biology. The tenure track positions are provided with a generous 6-year support package including funding equivalent to two Postdoctoral Associates, two PhD Student recruitments and 6 million SEK for running costs. Last application date is February 4th 2018. For more on how to apply, please read more in the individual announcements below.

Employment Opportunities at WCMM Umeå University

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More jobs at national www.wcmm.se

PhD students and Postdocs

The Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellows will recruit PhD students and Postdoctoral associates.

Available now:

Postdoctoral Fellowship - In vitro reconstitution of human RNA virus replication 


Unique role unites ­<br />research and clinical practice

Unique role unites ­
research and clinical practice

Umeå University is first in Sweden to set up an associate lectureship combined with specialist training among other things, all within academic caring professions. It provides physicians with the opportunity to conduct research parallel with their positions as resident or specialist physicians at the county council. Åsa Gylfe, researcher and resident physician, is in her second year as an associate lecturer. Read more