Fun Facts about Umeå

Learn more about Umeå and its people

Stieg Larsson, author of the best-selling Millennium series grew up in Umeå    - and yes, Swedes do drink copius amounts of coffee

Visit Europes first elk farm with tame elks

Vanity Fair claims Kung Fury by David Sandberg, Umeå is the best movie ever!

The game Unravel was developed in Umeå

Pedestrian crossing on campus.

Call Sweden

The Swedish Tourist Association has launched The Swedish Number - a way to connect with a random Swede and talk about anything

CNN dials a Swede

The Prime Minister may answer

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Discover Umeå

Discover Umeå

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International Staff Support for New Arrivals

Umeå University International Staff Support

IKSU Sport

IKSU Sport is one of Europe's largest training facility, conveniently located on campus.